Miso Vegetables and Salmon © 2012 kit

Miso Vegetables and Salmon

Miso Vegetable and Salmon

I have been putting off my bulk rice order for Yvan to sort out the new kitchen layout, so I have been craving plain white rice for a while. With the pantry and shopping schedules thrown, I requested for carrots and a cabbage since they are rather long lived vegetables. Generously, a pair of small packets of rice were also included. Randomly, we have apples kicking around from strudel making. The garden surprisingly stocks buckler-leaf sorrel so there’s no loss for emergency flavour, though it is less potent as the normal stuff.

Falling into a more stable routine/kitchen/general house will take a while longer yet – with beer related shenanigans, a front garden to tidy and attempts to find storage where it doesn’t exist.. At least I can feel a little reprieve by consuming some rice more often, alongside the pantry/freezer stash we have plenty of: salmon (tinned and frozen), edamame, shiitake.

Top tier

Top tier: miso vegetables (carrot, onion, cabbage) garnished with spring onion, pan-fried salmon fillet, boiled egg on a bed of buckler-leaf sorrel and apple salad, ginger pickle, apple segment.

Bottom tier (not pictured separately): White rice with boiled edamame.

For those that were aware of my absence: I have been busy with a move to the neighbouring county in a more remote location. This made internet access nearly impossible for the first week and very frustratingly flakey the next.

Miso Vegetable and Salmon

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