Return of the Edamame Skewers © 2012 kit

Return of the Edamame Skewers

Placed an order of rice from Japan Centre, which took a little longer to arrive. Finally got to use some, after finishing a batch of brown rice first – I’ve been anticipating the return of the umeboshi with plain rice combination for a while. The tamagoyaki has some of the chillis kicking about indoors that needed using – I de-seeded them but I think they were mild to begin with.

Opps, forgot to mix in some quinoa – perhaps I’ll remember next time..

Return of the Edamame Skewers

Lunch contents: rice with gari and umeboshi, edamame and caper skewers, spring onion wrapped in bacon, mild chilli tamagoyaki, steamed beans with spicy vinegar dressing.

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