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Lunch Log: Week 122

Wow, what a long week.. Mine started on Sunday, helping serve beer and bar build/take-down. From there a half-day on Monday to make probably the only visit to Cambridge Beer Festival this week then the pressure of looming deadlines at work..

So apart from feeling tired, I did try out a simple way to cook cauliflower that wasn’t bland or just cabbagey: roasted! Tossed with some olive oil then seasoned then shoved in the oven for 30 minutes even the non-browned bits tasted sweeter, even slightly nutty. Also, for a change I opted for salmon (it’s not as easy to get a decent batch from my location); a bit of a reprieve from the more common proteins.

At the farm shop (where I got advice about the cauliflower) I wonder if I was considered weird for picking out the absolute smallest potatoes I could find for trying out Marc’s spicy miso-glazed potatoes. But after having some hot and room temperature, I think I look of a winner! (Damn, tasty things with butter or olive oil this week!)

Oh, and if anyone else is reading this, I did eventually replace the lemon I got from Chris (I offered 2 but he insisted on one). So there you have it: the local pub; not just a place to drink beer out of the house*

* Possibly the most unusual is borrowing crockery from a pub as we didn’t have enough for a dinner party at home

May 19



Took a half day yesterday but only brought rice balls – today by contrast is more complete. Lunch is tabbouleh-style quinoa & spring veg, radish, tomato, salt-grilled salmon, green bean goma-ae and fish-fragrant eggplant with 3 surprise-filled onigiri (salmon, kimchee and anchovy with spring onion)

May 20




I was going to skip using a lemon but this one is courtesy of the local pub.. Thanks Chris! Lunch is pescatarian today with roasted cauliflower, strawberry, hijiki & carrot salad, radishes, tomato, tabbouleh-style spring veg, miso marinated mushrooms and salt grilled salmon with lemon

May 21



The lemon was worth it, though it might of been the olive oil that made it delicious. Lunch is pickled radishes, quick adobo eggplant, steamed beans, smoked chicken, roasted cauliflower, tomato and ajillo mushrooms with shiozake filled onigiri. Hmm, there’s quite a proportion of blackish items today..

May 22




Discovered that I can eat celery if it’s “hidden” in tabbouleh and that butter with miso can work together. Lunch is pickled radish, stir fry broccoli, spicy miso glazed potatoes, green bean tabbouleh, tomato, roasted cauliflower, spicy eggplant, salt grilled salmon with lemon

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