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Lunch Log: Week 116

It’s still considered early on in the year, but one thing has been absolutely unmissable to stock up on since we discovered it is wild garlic. If winter was the quiet boring time on the culinary calendar, once you hear on the grapevine that wild garlic is about then it confirms that the food cycle of year has truly begun. And unlike some foraged foods, this is one that truly does not disappoint – the “garlic” component I am finding more and more potent than the variety in the shops. A good few leaves are more ‘peppery’ and potent, and I am starting to get convinced that it lingers longer and is more robust with cooking.

This year I’d say there is another discovery: Alexanders. As a member of the carrot family where it mostly resembles celery, it’s fragrant aroma and soft stems (provided you peel them!) seems far more interesting than it’s domesticated relative. We simply steamed the stems, seasoned them and served them warm with butter; the young flower umbels receiving the tempura treatment accompanied by mustardy mayo. And by my personal confirmation (hey, I’m not dead yet) it is fairly identifiable and safe.

So this week started with a bit of ‘free food’ (transport costs withstanding). With the remaining wild garlic turned into pesto (or more accurately, pistou since no expensive pine nuts were added) it might be worth a second harvest considering how quickly last year’s batch disappeared. Now if only there were any edible fungi growing in great abundance in my neighbourhood..

April 7




Ah, fresh *is* best for sushi but that would mean another early start when it’s still chilly in the house. Lunch is hijiki & carrot salad, green capsicum & mushroom black bean stir fry, croquettes, red cabbage coleslaw, steamed alexanders stem, nori tamagoyaki and California rolls

April 8



And now, I wanna take a nap. Lunch is namasu, steamed alexanders, red cabbage coleslaw, nori tamagoyaki, grilled duck leg and miso-pickled daikon

April 9



More decadent duck today, it makes lunch a treat against all the veg. Lunch is grilled & marinated duck, steamed alexanders, namasu, nori tamagoyaki and mushroom & green capsicum black bean stir fry

April 10



Whew, what a week – and it was supposed to be a short one! Still no end to the ‘free stalks’… Lunch is steamed alexanders, miso pickled daikon, nori tamagoyaki, mixed cabbage coleslaw, green capsicum namul and mini hamburgers with ‘gravy’ (soy, mirin, sake and tomato sauce with the hamburger cooking juices)

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