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Lunch Log: (Diet edition) Week 203

Oh woe, the fruit of knowledge – the bathroom scales have been revived! And with the startling cruelty of reality, this time I really need to be more serious about my consumption of food and drink. I’ve tried fasting, which I have no idea did anything but affirm that I can survive fine. So this time it is the ’empty calories’ strategy: try and make my stomach feel full with food that isn’t high in calories. Unfortunately there is very little I can think off that is both delicious *and* low calorie…

I’ve reduced the carb intake, but cannot completely eliminate rice – for the safety of those around me that is.

May 2

Someone put new batteries in the bathroom scales, and curiosity took hold. Now I have hitomoji no guruguru and plenty of broccoli instead of rice. Even the croquette like thing was cooked in the oven… Lunch is tuna fishcake, tomatoes, black bean shirotaki noodles, steamed broccoli and spring onion with sumiso dipping sauce and a scant garnish of rice with my umeboshi.

The sumiso makes the excessive brassicas palatable, but that just makes me crave karaage… FML (can’t spell “diet” without “die”)

May 3

I am now convinced that without cheese, deep frying or bacon that plain steamed broccoli tastes of despair. Lunch is BBQ asparagus and eggplant, fish cake, steamed broccoli with sumiso dipping sauce, tomato, black bean shirotaki noodles and an umeboshi with furikake on a tiny morsel of rice.

May 4

It’s Star Wars day, and I definitely need the force to eat this broccoli. The trick is to save the best for last so you don’t end up feeling horrible afterwards. Lunch is Cumbrian sausage, tomato, soy butter new potato, rice sample with furikake, steamed broccoli with sumiso dipping sauce and Greek style salad.

May 5

Looks like work catered but I’m still having this so I don’t overindulge. Lunch is 70g of rice with an umeboshi, takuan, slow roast lamb with ‘bibimbap sauce’, tomato salad and steamed broccoli with sumiso dipping sauce.

The strategy did work, so I’ve probably eaten a normal amount of calories for lunch

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