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Spiced Onion Leftovers

When it comes to the weekends, we normally have a route that pretty much is the same but sometimes ordered differently. However, if we’re inclined to eat as carnivores then the local (and traditional) butcher is the first destination as we’d have to beat the other customers for the best variety available – come around noon on a Saturday most stock has already been sold! This means we can plan out the weekend meals around the meat when visiting the other weekend destination: the market greengrocers. They aren’t within the market per se – they are within the general area – but they often stock produce from local allotments.

With the good weather and the local asparagus cut pretty fresh there was no avoiding a BBQ. Fresh asparagus when cooked close to when it was picked, as I have discovered, is so sweet, succulent and full of flavour you’d wonder if the supermarket variety was even remotely related. Early to mid season, the thinner and tastier they are I find and easily found at the greengrocers.

Spiced Onion Leftovers

Spiced Onion Leftovers

Lunch contents: rice sprinkled with toasted white and black sesame seeds, BBQ steak, steamed carrot, BBQ asparagus, broccoli, spiced BBQ onions.

The onions were caramelized after the steak was done and Yvan stirred in some hot sauce to add more flavour – delicious!

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