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Lunch Log: Week 109

This week is a little more random as usual – no doubt strongly influenced by a short London “adventure” (hint: yes, beer was involved). Due to the growing distance that I find myself living away from ‘the big city’ these visits are becoming more rare, but the pushy crowds droning on and that familiar (awful) odour of the underground quickly re-enforces this decision.

Carried over from the previous week was the beef mince I didn’t quite make good use of, so some prep time was definitely saved. The mince was seasoned in a similar fashion to this cheater’s Korean BBQ beef bowl; packaged in both single portions and bento-sized croquettes (shaped but unbreaded) which ended up full of flavour from the get go so I’m definitely trying this again.

Though unlike the success of the beef stash the frozen fish stash is not quite up to scratch. I would probably need to look into alternative ways of dealing with these bland portions as there’s a lot more where that came from.

February 16



I’ve been making use of the freezer stash and can report on success: full points for flavour! Lunch is “cheater’s” bulgogi style mince beef with capsicum, steamed carrot & broccoli, garlic miso seasoned roast eggplant and soy simmered black cloud fungus with hijiki

February 19


Not feeling the best today but still made the time to cook lunch: garlic soy eggplant, tomato, steamed broccoli, bulgogi-style seasoned beef

February 20



Tried the frozen white fish but I overcooked it. The miso helps add some flavour back.. Lunch is ponzu seasoned eggplant, steamed broccoli, miso braised fish, pickled cucumber and tomato

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