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Lunch Log: Week 107

Ok, let’s try this again. Redundancy is not generally the approach to optimise speed; I can’t wait to be able to sync things better (and securely). But, c’est la vie.. Early on into doing this ‘logging’ thing I wanted to publish a weekly summary for individual entries – but instead I’ll alter that strategy and streamline the data entry for weekly chunks. A week in retrospect is easier to review how things developed (on the menu front); it reminds me of work a bit (bleh).

This week was kickstarted with making use of large (I don’t think ‘small’ has been done) green curry alongside rice specifically made for dinner on the Sunday. As with the season no interesting (I like summer/autumn) veggies are yet hitting the fruit and veg store except perhaps the varietal carrots they have been stocking.

In the week before, some pork belly was acquired to revisit an elaborate and non-traditional char sui. As it was nearing a whole week of brining and days of marinating my impatience had driven me to start the 4 hour cooking time on the 4th; though the completed dish ready well past dinner time the results were stunning even if it wasn’t BBQ smoked (besides, the BBQ is out of gas).

As an apologetic carnivore there definitely is quite a lot of meat proteins this week – it’s something I need to work on and reduce this dependence. Though it’s hard to go against fried or slow cooked..

February 2



Leftover curry and rice is a blessing in flavour and time. Lunch is green curry, steamed broccoli, chicken karaage and broccoli stem kimpira with fried rice (brown and white rice, beans, egg and spring onion)

February 3



I had somehow stumbled on a method on emulating the texture of proper ramen noodles so that idea had stuck in mind when I made today’s lunch. An attempt to “ramenise” pasta in a hurry, it wasn’t quite right in texture: I added bicarb to the boiling water (warning: do not overfill your saucepan) and otherwise cook the ‘noodles’ as normal. The toppings are chicken karaage, spring onion, fried garlic, black cloud fungus, steamed purple carrot and beans and a soft boiled egg (not pictured). With a spicy chicken broth the size of the ‘noodle bowl’ was a bit too much, but delicious.

February 4




Something a little bit different: it’s onigiri but not quite. Lunch is breaded haggis, chicken karaage, carrot & hijiki salad, lemon miso season broccoli, pickled cucumber, steamed yellow & purple carrots and onigirazu (crabstick, pickles, mayo and sesame seeds)

February 5


If I wasn’t careful today was going to be all carbs and delicious protein; was very tempting after the slow cooking of pork last night.. Lunch is green bean namul, char siu pork, gamjajorim, steamed broccoli and soy simmered hijiki & carrot. The purple “flowers” are made from purple carrot

February 6



Today looks rather healthy except I must admit the portion of protein might be high (in fat, which probably is why it’s so delicious). Lunch is pickled cucumber, green capsicum & yellow carrot namul, char siu pork slices, spicy soy simmered carrot & seaweed (shio kombu and hijiki) and steamed broccoli.

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